Items Needed When Attending

1. Your most current year end financial statement or YTD sales : If you don ’ t have one with you , a sample set of informat ion will be provided to you at the cl ass

2. Your total sales ( one figure only) . If tire sales are exceed 15 % or your total sales , subtract or separate tire sales from total sales so as not to skew parts profit

3. Total Labor Sales for PRIOR YEAR or YTD CURRENT YEAR

4. Total of all technicians Wages ( regardless of how paid ) , PRIOR YEAR or YTD CURRENT YEAR ( wages only, no tax or benefits).

5. Total parts s a les for PRIOR YEAR or CURRENT YTD .

6. Total cost of auto parts for PRIOR YEAR or CURRENT YTD (exclude tires if tire sales are more than 15% of sales )

7. Total # of work orders processed PRIOR YEAR or YTD CURRENT YEAR .

8. Bring your NAPA AutoCare Financial GPS. You can download it by using your login credentials on napaaut ocare.com and clicking on Process Improvement (for AutoCare Centers only) .


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