Financial Management for the Auto Repair Business

The Auto Repair Business is evolving at almost warp speed. Improved Vehicle quality and the growth of electronics means shops sell less and less parts per driven mile. Shop owners will evolve to making the majority of their profit in labor like accountants, carpenters, electricians, lawyers and plumbers etc. This evolution requires unshakable attention to detail to successfully navigate the transition from parts profit dependency to labor G.P. paying all the bills and parts profit as an add on.


The good news is that dollar for dollar the profit in labor is much higher than in parts. Here’s Why! Research shows the average internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE) has 28-30,000 parts per vehicle if you include every rivet, nut, bolt, washer etc. (an alternator can have 100 parts alone). The average electric vehicle (EV) has only about 7-10,000 parts. ( about two thirds less parts). This class identifies opportunities and provides solutions to increasing your net profit dramatically the first week.


The top 25% most profitable shops earn over 5 times the profit as average shops This class teaches what they do differently and how they do it. Invest 2 days to be with other shop owners & managers, dis-cuss proven business practices and take your shop to the next level. Receive a monthly budget for ea. Category of your business. Know what your net profit should be each month before you even open your doors.

Gain Control : Your shop should operate just like a “Franchise” with written procedures for the most common repairs and business practices. Use proven systems for your shop, then manage them. If you fix your business, then fixing vehicles becomes fun again with way less stress. Manage your business


Recovery Rates and Factors? Customers will continue to shop parts prices and services on the internet. Internet pricing will not go away so deal with it NOW! If you install engines or transmissions you need to earn your normal gross profit per billed hour. This class will show you how. Office Efficiency: Your business will be as profitable as your front office is efficient. Do your techs work on vehicles 90% of the time when you have the work and do you get paid for it? Do you lose time because you can’t contact your customer even though you have their cell # Have you educated your customers to make themselves available to you at a moments notice after they leave their vehicle with you?


Factory Efficiency™ Quick and turn around provides high customer satisfaction. A 5% increase in Factory Efficiency will more than double an average shop’s net profit without raising your labor rate. Learn how to do it.


Money Back Guarantee: FREE 11 page analysis of your shop and a 1 on 1 consultation with Vin Waterhouse

Attend! You’ll never look at your business the same way again!