"Joining a Supper Club is the best thing I ever did for my business. If I wasn't part of the Supper Club last year I would probably not be in business this year. "
George Marcoux, Black Bear Automotive, Springvale, ME


" I have been to Vin's classes more than once. By using Vin's class Recovery Rates & Factors. I increased my net profit by thousands of dollars the very first year without any cost to my business or raising my standard labor rate"  
Scott Keyser, Bozeman, MT


"After 25 years I had lost hope. I was ready to close my business. I implemented recovery rates and factors and they worked immediately. I'm now debt free, have a cash reserve and the newest state of the art diagnostic equipment. Recovery rates and factors put me back in the game and now I make sales and profit that I never had before."   
Warren Parr  Fresno, CA