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The top 25% most profitable repair shops annual sales average $1,027,334 vs. average shop annual sales of $880,12.  With $147,213 more sales, the top 25% earn $99,142 more net profit than average shops. More than 20,000 people have attended Vin's classes & presentations. Vin knows what high profit firms do differently and how they do it. Attend a Vin Waterhouse class and see what others do; share ideas and implement best business practices. click the Course Overviews tab to see a description of classes offered. Ask NAPA about their $440 scholarship. You don't have to be a NAPA customer to attend. All classes have a "Money Back Guarantee"
Vin Waterhouse - Author of  "The Labor Factory"
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Our courses focus on applying the techniques and methods of the 25% most profitable shops in the USA so that you can learn from the best what is working and not working. Our classes can help reveal huge profits that you may have been missing over time as well as how to better manage you shop's finances. We also offer various training tools like the ones listed below....




This manual details the top 25 most repetitive jobs or about 90% of your activity. A must have manual for your shop!

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Financial G.P.S.

For Automotive Service Centers

Get your FREE copy of Benchmarks and Statistics for average shops and the top 25% most profitable shops in the country. Login to napaautocare.com. click The Waterhouse Group and download the industry exclusive Financial G.P.S. "You will never look at your business the same way again".  /// read more

Podcast #1 - You Should Have the Highest Payroll in Town, Not the Lowest!
Podcast #2 - Intensive Labor Rates & Financial Benchmarks

  1. 1. Their SALES were $63,604 higher than average shops but earn $95,795 more net profit.
  2. 2. Generate $14,289 more ANNUAL GROSS PROFIT per employee
  3. 3. PARTS GROSS PROFIT is 2.5% higher than that of average shops
  4. 4. LABOR GROSS PROFIT is 3.5% higher than that of average shops
  5. 5. Sell $22.51 more sales per repair order higher labor and parts GP
  6. 6. Generate and sell $1,328 more monthly labor sales per technician
  7. 7. TOTAL GROSS PROFIT is 3.6% higher than average shops
  8. 8. OPERATING EXPENSES are 7.23% less as a percent to total sales
  9. 9. Their LABOR RATE is 8 cents LOWER than avg shops
  10. 10. Their shops are 7.2% MORE EFFICIENT and out-perform average shops in several additional categories

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