Service Manager Plus

A Service Manager is the face of your business and first impression is lasting. Just like you invest in tools and equipment, invest in key employees. The Service Manager can make or break your business financially and is the most important position in a shop.

Three Labor Rates: Research shows ICE vehicles have 28-30,000 parts per vehicle. The average electric vehicle has only about 7-10,000 parts per vehicle. (2/3 fewer parts) Shops will learn to make the over whelming majority of their profit in labor like carpenters, electricians and plumbers. It requires three labor rates and service managers are the ones who need to sell it.

12 Fundamental Steps: There are 12 fundamental steps to a sale. They include initial customer contact, customer arrival, interviewing the customer, the appointment, customer arrival, communicating customer concerns to technicians, the estimate, selling the estimate and the job, scheduling, final write up, presenting the bill, and customer follow up.

Communication between office and technicians: Poor or partial communication of the customer’s concern to the technician is the biggest reason for wrong repairs, down time, and poor efficiency. Discuss non verbal systems and procedures to communicate easily and effectively brtween support staff and technicians. 

Scheduling: Most shops don’t make the money they could because they over or under schedule. How the work flows and to whom is critical. Handle emergency repairs and walk - in customers without affecting already scheduled work without working late or holding the vehicle overnight. Top shops average $13.49 more net profit per repair order than average shops by selling skills.

Office Efficiency: Your business will be as profitable as your front office is efficient. This includes everything from interviewing your customers, training them, scheduling the work and tracking techs performance. When do you hire and office assistant and what is the breakeven point?