Profit-Ville (1-Day Course)

1.  Top 25% Shop Owners Net Profit is 3.6  times higher than average shops? 

2.  Top 25% Shops sales are $147,213 MORE than average but earn $99,134 more profit!

3.  Top 25%  Produce $1,168 more labor per month per technician?

4.  Top 25% Gross profit on labor is 2.6% higher than the average of all shops?

5.  Top 25%  Sell $40.31 more sales per repair order than average shops?

6.  Top 25%  Shops Are 7% more efficient than average shops?

7.  Top 25% Produce $15,125 more profit per employee than the average of all reporting shops?


Top 25% shops average $136,635 annual Net Profit after all expenses are paid. Vin knows what high profit shops do differently and how they do it. This class teaches what they do differently and how they do it. Invest a day to be with other shop owners, discuss prov-en business practices and take your shop to the next level. Know what your net profit should be each month before you even open your doors.

Stop REACTING to Crisis: Operate your shop like a “Franchise” with written procedures for the most common repairs and business practices. Use proven systems for your shop, then manage them. If you fix your business, then fixing vehicles becomes fun again with way less stress.  Manage your business systems, take your next vacation, relax and not call in to your shop.

INCEASE SALES because of the internet:  Customers will continue to shop parts prices and services on the internet. Internet pricing will not go away so deal with it NOW!  If you install en-gines or transmissions you need to earn your normal gross profit per billed hour. This class will show you how. Learn how to sell many parts at your cost and recover the parts profit in labor.

THREE MINUTES AN HOUR  will add over $1,000 profit per month per technician to your Bottom Line....Work smarter...not harder.  This class will show you exactly where to look and what to do to recover THREE MINUTES an hour.  Your top 15 most repetitive activities equal how you spend 75% of your time. A simple calculation will tell you how much inventory you should carry and then ask your supporting store stock the rest so you know you have 75% plus of your activ-ity covered between your shop and servicing store.  Your supporting NAPA store can adjust your inventory for you every six months to maximize your efficiency.

Set Your Financial GPS
towards Profit-ville

Money Back Guarantee:  
Includes  a FREE 11 page analysis of your shop ($395 value) and
a 1 on 1 consultation with Vin Waterhouse
Attend this class and You will never look at your business the same way again