Parts Store Financial Software Instructions

Please read instructions: You made a solid decision when you subscribed to this software. Here is how to reap the benefits.

It is not necessary to fill in all the information to make the software work. Ex. If you don't enter balance sheet information then you won't get balance sheet analysis etc. Enter all or just some of the information and will get results appropriate to the information you provide.

The critical data required is every day common sense and most of it comes from your TAMS computer such as gross sales, credits issued, cost of parts, accounts receivable, received on account, monthly charge sales, inventory and the number of invoices you produced for the month.

Other critical data such as the # of days you were open for the month, your total operating expenses, accounts payable, payroll and the total # of people it takes to make your business run ( including owner) will come from other sources.

Non -critical balance sheet items such as Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Cash, Equity and Total Assets are not necessary, but if you have a balance sheet we encourage you to enter the data. Prior year data can be entered at a later date. Start with your most current months data.
There is a glossary to describe any terms you may be unfamiliar with as well as our special "Tool Tips" to guide you in entering your data. Hover your cursor over the (?) and a pop up box will provide a short explanation of each entry.

Step 1. After you have logged in (first time users) you will see a Data Entry Report with three red tabs titled Data Entry Report, Log off and Edit Account Settings.

Step 2. Click Add A Month located below the Data Entry Tab. (you may want to print a work copy). Enter data in the boxes. When done click Update Month located at the bottom of the page. Then click the Data Entry Report at the top of the page. This will allow you to view to 12 months data all on one page. Click the red EDIT feature and you can update or change your data for any month current or past due and the software will recalculate all fields affected by the change.

Step 3. Review your results by selecting any of the reports on the top of the page or use the "Select A Report" drop down menu at the bottom of the page. These reports will compare your results in 107 categories to benchmarks of the top 25% most profitable stores.

Click the TWG industry exclusive "COMPARE" feature to see how your results compare to all other software users (anonymously) every month.

Step 4. Print your results (in landscape mode) Save the hard copies for future reference.

This software will give you financial control and the FORECASTING capabilities alone can pay for the software. Print out these directions and get started.